Project information

cliënt:                         DSM city
assignment:              vision for new way of working
location:                     Sittard
gross floor area:        32.000 m²

DSM wanted to transform its office in Sittard, built in 1992, into a modern building suitable for the New Way of Working. DSM also wanted this building to show the outside world what this innovative company stands for. Moreover, the update would have to provide more workplaces (from 1,200 to 1,600-2,000).  
The requirement formulated in the DSM City concept was complex and ambitious. An enriched programme based on the New Way of Working would have to be combined with sustainability and DSM’s desire to show what the brand stands for.
DSM Challenge team
We put together a design team of various specialists (architects, business administrators, architectural engineers, technicians, work-style consultants, etc.). Through lively discussions, we finally arrived at an integral design concept that merged all ambitions and solutions into an innovative building: the activity-based building.
Openness and dynamism
The most dynamic features of the programme were located on the ground floor. The structure of the existing building provided a number of atria that we partially roofed over, extending the indoor-outdoor relationship. In the large open spaces, we ‘hung’ the meeting rooms and the auditorium. Examples of materials (DSM inside) and innovations were physically present here. The atria were linked to each other via the backbone (axis). We literally and figuratively broke open the office floors with internal stairs so that encounters and dynamism were created here too.