Project information

client:      Timpaan BV
assignment:          apartment building for first-time owners
location:                 Hoofddorp
area:              53 apartments varying from 60-120 m²
start design:          2002
complete: 2006

The challenge was to design a high-quality apartment building for first-time owners at a maximum price of €100,000. The location is Floriande in Hoofddorp.

The urban design aspects obliged us to opt for an elongated building. To reduce costs, we created an apartment building with gallery access. The quality lies in the façades and in the space inside the apartments.

The design is inspired by the traditional Dutch polder barn. To create this sort of building, the galleries are incorporated inside the overall structure. The west façade (with the galleries) is entirely enclosed in wood. The east façade is built of brick laid in a sturdy block construction. 

The apartments are glass-fronted from floor to ceiling with sliding doors that enable part of the living room to be used as a sun terrace.

There are 53 apartments in the building, varying in area from 60 to 120 m2. There are maisonettes on the top floors with an extra floor under the roof.

We later produced a second apartment building for the same area as well as a child day-care centre and a walking-skating-cycling bridge over the IJtocht.