Project information

client:                                    Politie Haaglanden
assignment:                           transformation and interior
location:                                ’s Gravenhage
gross floor area:                   5.000 m2
start design:                          2007
completion:                           2010

In November 2010, the revitalised headquarters of the Haaglanden Police Force was officially opened. The police headquarters used to have an old-fashioned, rather sombre appearance. The design not only had to modernise the interior but, most of all, contribute to the identity and the social, transparent nature of the police. The public areas had to emphasise values such as friendliness, openness, recognisability and helpfulness.

The design focused on the restaurant, the auditorium and the former main entrance –the Kolfschotenhal. In both the auditorium and the Kolfschotenhal, which was designed by the architect W.S van de Erve, we retained beautiful details and even accentuated them here and there. This fits our vision of not removing original elements or using materials differently so that the original details are highlighted. Structural modifications for insulation and acoustics were intelligently incorporated to create the simplest and clearest end result.

Light and colour
The police wanted to retain the carpentry in the auditorium.  The walls were re-covered with whitewashed oak panels. The claret-coloured ceiling is not just an acoustic solution but also provides a much warmer, theatre-like appearance. The walls were given new whitewashed window frames and were painted in bright colours.  The trapezium-shaped hall with its sloping roof and high windows creates a beautiful spatial effect with a sea of light.

An entrance that projects the right image
The unique Kolfschotenhal, which had not been in use for some time, was modified. New exterior casing was fitted.  The two airlock entrances in the façade were merged into one unit to focus more attention on the modernised entrance. It has become a smart, sober and functional hall that fits the image that the police want to project.

Indoors is outdoors
Openness, transparency and clarity have also been restored in the restaurant. There is still plenty of space for meeting, thanks to a variety of places to enjoy your lunch. The connection to the large garden has been restored to its place of honour. The glass façade strengthens the feeling that indoors and outdoors now flow into each other.