"Architecture is not a way of building, it's a way of thinking."

This is the guiding principle behind every project. Whether the project involves the exterior, the interior or a combination of both, Sander first looks at the essence, function and quality of the future structure before starting work on the design.

The power of our work is the underlying concept, the result of thinking about the essence, the quality of living, working or residing, and to translate this into spatial quality. Designing on the cutting edge, on the boundary. The combined action of inspiring clients and the commitment of enthusiastic and competent designers determines the final result.
Quality starts with the ambition of the client, with the possibilities of the site and those of the project, and a well-organised process. Quality becomes visible if the result at the location is enriching, both in use and in management.

The concept is based on an integral design vision. This forms the basis for all projects. The strenght of Sander Architecten lies in an onconventional approach of the assignment, the will to innovate, stretching the boundaries.

Our method of working is evidence of a different attitude than that of most architects. We try to go back to the essence of the assignment. We do this by having many discussions and by hardly drawing anything at the beginning. I think that inspiration should not automatically lead to a design, but rather it should lead to a precise analysis of the environment, the culture, and the client’s programme of demands. Because these aspects are different with every assignment, our projects do not resemble each other. We are always searching for a balance between what is possible and what is not.

That is what makes the difference.