Project information

client:        Hogeschool Utrecht
assignment:          interior design and renovation for Mediatheek
location:                Utrecht
area:              2.500 m²
start design:           2006
complete:  2007

We were asked by the Faculty of Nature & Technology of the University of Applied Sciences Utrecht to design a media library like no other in Europe. On the ground floor, the media library occupies over 3,000 m2. The entrance area of the faculty is now part of the library. The entrance desk of the faculty has been integrated into the foyer of the library. On arrival, you immediately enter another world.

 A major starting-point was that the media library should be primarily a meeting place for the students – a place where they would be automatically stimulated to share information. A characteristic feature of our concept is the ‘backbone’ or an axial street with ‘stores’. A store is a partially screened-off area where you can find specific information relating to a particular course. It also allows you to concentrate on work or study in peace. They are actually small inner squares – oases of rest. These places are partially enclosed by semi-transparent cupboards with a lowered acoustic ceiling and a carpeted area on what are otherwise hard floors. Every store has its own colour and style of furniture. Around the backbone and the stores is ‘the city’ with open areas where you can meet each other on the way to lectures or drink a coffee at break-time.