Project information

We propose to break open the building so that it becomes part of Hilversum’s public space. We are going to allow the dynamic environment of the Milk Factory to permeate the building. We will do this in three dimensions, with the historical Milk Factory as a small urban décor. The former shop floor will fulfil the city-centre function of a town square.
In the Milk Factory, apparently conflicting interests will meet. For example, the future working area of Dudok Wonen will lie very close to the front doors of residents. We have seized on this fact to create a wealth of different places that will provide something for everyone. There are literally many routes to follow: a slower, public route but also a fast, practical route. In terms of workplaces, you will find entirely closed-off, individual workplaces but also private workplaces for informal consultation and customer contact. These places can also be used for mothers picking up their children from school or for the residents themselves. This wide variety of places will increase the dynamics of the location and allow the Milk Factory to grow into a major driving force in Hilversum-Oost.