Project information

client:          Internal Revenue Service /Dutch Government
Buildings Agency
assignment:           transformation nineteen-sixties office 
location:                Arnhem
area:              12.500 m²
start design:           2001
complete:  2003
Built in the nineteen-sixties, the former headquarters of the Land Registry is transformed into new offices for the Dutch Internal Revenue Service (Belastingdienst). We also provide a completely new interior for about 400 offices with meeting facilities. The commission results from the renovation carried out for the Raad voor de Kinderbescherming (Child Protection Council).

The building is completely stripped and renovated. Following a comprehensive analysis of the organisation and its working methods, three types of working areas were chosen, including Open Spaces and workplaces for concentration. The aim is to provide as much openness as possible in an attractive working environment, typified by a warm, personal atmosphere with its own individual identity. Striking features include the outsize carpeting that was extended as a print on the glass doors. And the self-designed lampshades over the reception desk that function both as a partition and an acoustic buffer. The artwork in the central hall is an example of co-operation with other disciplines.