Project information

client:          Interpolis
assignment:           interior new office building for new way of working
location:                 Zoetermeer
area:              6.000 m²
start design:           2003
complete: 2005

Work on Interpolis’ head office in Tilburg was followed by building work for the interior of theregional office in Zoetermeer. The building was designed by Rijk Rietveld. Following consultation with him, a number of structural alterations were made in order to optimise the programme of requirements as much as possible.

The interior design programme was based on the new way of working concept that was first introduced in Tilburg in 1996. This is a linear building with 6 floors and a parking level. At the entrance, there is a void reaching the total height of the building. A particularly striking feature is the sloping façade on the south side that makes the upper floors more spacious.
The various workplaces were arranged so that all enclosed areas, cockpits and meeting rooms are located on the north side of the building. The open workstations meander through them. Informal working areas such as the working lounges are close to the sloping south façade.

The restaurant is located on the ground floor and first floor. In order to produce the optimum link between the two levels, an extra void was created. An unusual feature is the lack of parapets on the façades to allow extra light into the offices. To accentuate this quality, we opted for floor covering that was rich in texture. A special work table was also designed for this project to prevent a view of the underside of the work tables from outside the building.