Project information

client:                        Robeco
assignment:              interior vision for new building
location:                    Rotterdam
gross floor area:      16.000 m²

Trust, co-operation and durability were the values that inspired the interior design of the Robeco office in Rotterdam. The building was zoned into dynamic and quieter areas surrounding voids. Working together, concentration, transfer of knowledge, brainstorming, innovating and socialising...all of these activities, and others, would be optimally facilitated.
The architecture had to provide a clear, familiar image of Robeco. An image that is already evident outside the building but also present in the hall and the central void. As you progress further into the working areas, this embedding for the external stakeholders diminishes and functional significance for the internal organisation increases.
Horizontally, the building provided sufficient space to allow us to design the optimum activity-based working environment. The vertical links strengthen the connection with the chosen Robeco characteristics and make this a real Robeco house. The vertical links were used to arrive at optimum routing and communication between employees. They facilitate mutual contact, co-operation and discussion in a way that was hitherto unknown for Robeco. Informal stairs and meeting places around the void will act as the hub of Robeco.
The building projects timelessness and durability. The intrinsic basis is one of ‘both feet on the ground’. Within this basis, core values were defined as points of reference. To some extent, other values such as international, business-like and innovative are also reflected in the design.
A durable concept is fundamental to a long lifespan. You can assure the best quality by employing consistent basic principles. What’s more, an activity-based work style leads to care in dealing with people: they become managers of their own energy and create their own life-work balance.
The Robeco house has become one of the points of reference in the arterial system of the city of Rotterdam. The building communicates with public life through its open plinth and functional layout, creating interaction between users and the city.